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During our first week of summer holidays we could finally revisit Barcena. With my four kids I took the train to first pick up a large car, then we would all pick up Maaike from the ARTIM Festival. She had been there for a week already so we were happy to be reunited. We could immediately get to know the extreme heat as it was about 40 degrees. Luckily there was a river where we could cool down.  On Sunday we drove to the little village and we looked around. This was our second time but the first time for my big kids. They still do not understand what we are doing and why.  Maaike told me what she had learned in the last week from the ARTIM Festival, her meeting with the major and the visit of Barcena with Marjolein. I took the opportunity to take some photo's, which I will post below. The rest of the week, we used to get to know the neighborhood. We went to Bilbao, Vittoria Gasteiz, Mirande de Ebro and Briviesca.