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Escritura (setup company part 3)

The first day we went to the bank we also emailed the notary to tell we were going to make the deposit and ask if we could proceed with the next steps that Friday. She responded quickly and so did we. Hence we could answer al questions and setup a the needed documents before our Friday appointment. One of the documents we had to send, were the estatutos. We already made them in Spanish together with ChatGTP. The first time we used it and it worked really nice. We asked for a default estatutos and it came with a document. Than article by article we asked for a translation and we adjusted or changed some what we wanted different. ChatGTP translated it back to Spanish when we were done. We also asked for some items which could be added and it came with a list of things. We added some of them, within an hour or so we had an official document in Spanish. She also needed a name and DNI of an apoderado, which we didn't understand what that was, but she was going to explane on Friday. It t

El Vicino

In May we went to 'our' village to show it to the parents of Maaike. So we drove there and after a half our drive with a lot of corners we were a bit drowsy getting out of the car. And there stood a friendly man in blue overalls.  He seemed Spanish we asked Maaike to talk to him. But she did not know what to say. So we looked at each other for a couple of minutes.  Then he started to tell that the village is empty which we agreed upon off course. He also told that the village was being bought by some people. Maaike asked if she should reply and we said yes please do. After telling the we are the mysterious people we are buying the village he started to tell a lot of stories. His name is Gerardo. He was born in the village and now lives in Burgos and in the summer in Abajas.  He knew about the buy because he owns a parcel of land and did not want to sell. He want to keep it for income and only wants to rent it out. So we talked about that for a bit and as we were interested in k

The deposit for Ardbol Globo S.L. (setup company part 2)

The next step in setting up Ardbol globo is for Tibi b.v. to get a NIF. Tibi b.v. will be the investor of the company so it is going to own  50% of Ardbol shares. We tried to do this online, but that didn't work out. The online form needed a passport number from a Spanish passport.  So Tibor needed to go to the Spanish consulate in Amsterdam. As getting the NIF is an important part of finishing the deal he has made 3 appointments at the Spanish consulate in Amsterdam. Two because he needs a NIF for tibi bv but to get that he needs a NIF for himself (as we know now this is not true, see part 4 for this). And it was not clear if both could be done in one meeting. As there was no information on the website about what documents are needed and the only response Tibor got, after requesting more information by e-mail,  was ‘read the website’ and setting up a meeting can only be done six weeks down the road, he made one extra meeting to be sure. When tibi b.v. gets the NIF we could open a