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Setting up a company in Spain, part1

In the first meeting with the notary we also talked about setting up a new company, from which we want to buy the houses and land. Maria told us what steps we had to take to set up the company (a Sociedad limitada (S.L.) in Spain). The first step was to go to a gestor with a list of 5 possible names for our company, that had to be checked in the Registro Mercantil Central, if the name already existed or in pronunciation is close to an existing name. They would reserve the first name for us, that was original enough. Our list was:     Ardbol Tierr     Ardbol suelo     Ardbol Globo     Ardbol grond     Ardbol bodem We expected to get our first name, because we didn’t expect anybody to have ardbol in their company's name. And we already had, so it must be unique. So we went to a gestor in Burgos, since we were sleeping there. Maaike googled for gestor and found about 20! We had no clue which one to take so we one that looked modern. With our little once we walked to the offi

Contrato de Arras

  Now we had our N.I.E’s we could, could start our next quest, doing business at the notary. The very next day we had an appointment at NOTARIA DE BRIVIESCA to talk about the contrato de arras, we call it the temporary contract, for the houses and the land. It is a contract where we agree an what would be bought for what price and on what conditions. Maria, the notary, explained to us what was in the contract, this was all in Spanish, but still it was very clear. She talked slowly with the words not connected, which made it much better to understand. If we didn’t understand some part she tried to say it differently. There were some parts which are logical in a contract, besides that there were three points which we wanted added.: That we wanted to take over Marcelino’s water permit for getting water from the river   We wanted to make sure that if there are any debts on the properties, they will stay for Marcelino and not for us   Marcelino wanted to add a clause that if he can’t delive

Yes, we have vacation. Vamos a la spania

At the end of February the kids had vacation so we could go back to Spain. We had a lot of things to organize like the N.I.E.   To get there we took the train and off course checked the weather before. It seemed to be quite cold. While we like warm and sunny weather of course but it was also good to know what the winter is like. Expecting cold weather but we did not expect that it would be snowing:   From San Sebastion we took again the train to Vitoria. A nice ride with even more snow. As Barcena has no public transport, what would you expect for an abandoned village, we have to rent a car. We now use an app and most often we rent the same car. A small one with four doors is perfect for us. The only downside is that it is petrol we hope it will be able to rent EV for a reasonable price soon too. For now it is okay especially because Spain does not have many chargers yet.     We off course also needed to visit our favorite bar in Miranda. We really like it that we get to know our way