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Food forest design

Last week Martijn Ballemans, his wife Zoë and their children visited us in Bárcena. They are traveling with their camper to get inspiration for where they want to live. They were in the neighborhood and stayed one night in Bárcena. Our first visitors stayed the night! It was very nice to meet them there and to hear what they think about the place. To discuss things about the future food forest.  We celebrated Trisa’s birthday,  Martijn helped with setting up the electricity and Zoë made a soup from the nettles in the villages. The first meal made from Bárcena products! And it tasted very good. Now that Martijn visited Bárcena, it is really time we write about the food forest design. In October 2023 Maaike started a course “Design course for food forest and edible garden” with Martijn Ballemans from PuurPermacultuur . It was a 7 day course where we would learn how to design a food forest. About the first half of the course consisted mainly of learning about what a food forest is and get

Excitingly boring journey

For the upcoming vacation in Bárcena, a lot of work is planned. We want to install electricity and water. Of course, we need the necessary materials and tools for this. We're ordering a large part of it in Spain, but we're taking some from the Netherlands ourselves. Hence the idea was born to buy a trailer and drive it to Spain. After some searching and bidding on Marktplaats, I found a good and affordable trailer. We could pick it up from an older couple who received us very kindly. We walked through their yellow, smoke-filled house; they both had a cigarette between their fingers, to the garden where the trailer was parked. They used it for the flee market, but they've stopped doing that now. It looked fine, except the floor plate needed replacing, which we did. They gave us a net, a lock, and a homemade tarp against the rain. The only thing missing was a spare wheel and a lamp for the license plate. We hung up the spare wheel, but we didn't have time for the lamp, so