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Learning Spanish

Our third week of the summer holiday was all about learning Spanish. The kids went daycamp in Castelldefels, Tibor had a 20 hour course in Barcelona and Maaike 10 hours of private class also in Barcelona. The day camp for the kids It all sounded very well: classes from 9.00 to 12.30 and lot's of fun activities the rest of the day. We figured, if they wouldn't really learn anything, at least the would hear Spanish all day. After the first day we picked the kids up at 20.00, they were very tired and complaining. They didn't feel very well (we all, except Tibor, developed a stomach flu that day), which didn't help, but also they said that everything was in English. The girl that was their mentor during the afternoon, was surprised  when Maaike said that the kids didn't speak English. The next day they didn't go the class because of the stomach flu, but on Wednesday they went again. We agreed that Maaike would talk to the teacher, to tell her the kids don't sp

The transaction

Now that Ardbol Globo really existed, we opened the bank account and transferred the money to the account for increasing the capital of Ardbol Globo, we could sign the last things we had to sign at the notary, before we could sign the purchase contracts. This went all very smoothly, having done all we needed we released all the tensions and were really tired. So instead of visiting Barcena we went to Dorien’s place, did some work there and went to bed early. Ready for our first appointment next morning at 9:00 at the notary. Next day, Maaike woke up first checked the time and called out to Tibor: "It's already 8:15, we have to go now!". Maaike never wakes up that late, but on maybe one of the most important days of our lives we overslept! I think we were so relaxed because we had done everything we had to do, to be able to sign the contracts. Although there were still some uncertainties: we already heard from Ricardo, that one seller probably wouldn't come. He was s