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Opening a bank account

Because after our holiday in May, we thought that Ardbol Globo S.L. existed, we tried to figure out how to open a bank account online. Since we did the deposit at Santander, we tried there first. It looked all very promising; they had a page on their website for opening a business account online. The first thing that was wrong was that I wasn't able to choose a location where we wanted to do the banking (Miranda de Ebro). Which is surprising for us in itself that you are dependent on a location. Luckily, they have a helpdesk where you can ask for an English-speaking person. After a few days, they solved this bug. Then I had to upload some documents, the most important one being the escritura (the registration document of Ardbol), which I didn't have. So I asked the Notary, who was on holiday, then I asked the gestor, who didn't react. When the notary returned, she sent us the document we set up when we were there. I uploaded that and could continue, but then I got to the po

Getting registered at the Registro mercantile (setup company part 5)

At the end of July, we went to Spain for a 4-week holiday. We had plenty of time to get things done around Ardbol and hopefully purchase the village and land. The enjoyable part of the trip included meeting our friend Claire and her family, who were on a road trip in Spain. We showed them the village and they though it was a cool project. And agreed we should do this :) During one of the first days, we had an appointment with the notary to settle the sale of Tibor's shares to Tibi B.V. and to increase the capital of Ardbol Globo S.L. Tibor already managed to get the NIF for tibi b.v. and we had the capital ready, so we were all good to go. However, the notary pointed out, "Ardbol Globo S.L. doesn't exist yet." It turned out that the gestor hadn't registered Ardbol in the Registro Mercantil. We're not sure what went wrong there as the gestor had all the papers from the notary.  The notary suggested accompanying us to the Gestor's office, which was convenien

Visiting the land with Jonás

 Last year on the festival, Jasmin took the permaculture course, which was taught by Jonás Dallador. One of the few people in Spain who has experience with Food forests. We kept in touch with him and this summer we visited the land together. Luuk, our friend form Holland, who lives in Spain, also joined, so that the language wouldn't be a problem. As it was a hot day we first went to eat paella at the restaurant close to Bárcena. We have been there a couple of times as the have really good paella, although they only have with meat or fish. But this time they did have a vegetarian paella! Even a small local village is improving. We already learned a lot there about cutting the ground, getting water and so on. We talked in mix of Spanish and English, also known as Spanglish. Visiting the land with Jonás was very nice and inspiring. He is very enthusiastic about the land, for many reasons, some of them are: much possibilities to build ponds, were the water from the hills will run into

Getting a NIF for Tibi b.v. (Setup company part 4)

To start simple we have setup Ardbol with Maaike and Tibor as owners. But in the end situation Maaike and tibi b.v. should be owners. This is because the capital is in tibi b.v. and having an ownership relation makes it possible to use this capital for the ardbol project. To let tibi b.v. take over the shares of Tibor tibi b.v. needs to known in Spain with a NIF number. Luckily this can be done in Amsterdam in the consulate.   So I went to the website which had a Dutch version. I searched on getting a NIF but could not find any information. So I called the information number. After a long wait I was told the Dutch version was not complete and I needed to check the English version. And indeed there was much more information there.  I found an 036 online from to get a NIF for my company but it started with a compulsory field of a NIF with my name. So it seems I needed a 030 personal NIF first to get the 036 form done. I could download a pdf which I filled in. Not all was clear but I did