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Getting a NIF for Tibi b.v. (Setup company part 4)

To start simple we have setup Ardbol with Maaike and Tibor as owners. But in the end situation Maaike and tibi b.v. should be owners. This is because the capital is in tibi b.v. and having an ownership relation makes it possible to use this capital for the ardbol project. To let tibi b.v. take over the shares of Tibor tibi b.v. needs to known in Spain with a NIF number. Luckily this can be done in Amsterdam in the consulate.


So I went to the website which had a Dutch version. I searched on getting a NIF but could not find any information. So I called the information number.

After a long wait I was told the Dutch version was not complete and I needed to check the English version. And indeed there was much more information there. 

I found an 036 online from to get a NIF for my company but it started with a compulsory field of a NIF with my name. So it seems I needed a 030 personal NIF first to get the 036 form done.

I could download a pdf which I filled in. Not all was clear but I did my best. I checked the appointment tool on the site. I could only make an appointment 6 weeks from now! So I immediately made the appointment for my personal NIF and one for my company NIF 3 days later. Knowing that if something would go wrong on my appointment I needed to schedule a new one, again 6 weeks later I booked an extra meeting just to be sure. So having three meetings scheduled I had to wait 6 weeks.

After a long wait I finally could go to the consulate. I took my papers and ID and was quit nervous. As this had to go right because we needed to finish the contract for the land and houses in the summer. 

Passing the security I went down stairs where there where about 5 people waiting and filling in papers. As I had an appointment on 11 o'clock I went to the bulletproof glass window. A lady said strict that I had to wait until I was called. So I sat down. Almost immediately the same lady called my name so I went backup to here.

I gave her my form and she asked me a copy of my id and NIE form. As I had only the original I asked her to make a copy, but she could not. Behind me was a copy machine which I could use. Going there it needed coins to operate which I off course did not have. I was getting quite stressed at this time as my time slot was ticking away. So I went back, to get her attention (she was speaking to an employee with her back to me) I ticked on the glass window. 

The lady was quit upset by that as she was not a fish and I just had to wait till she came to me. After I made an excuse and promised to never do to again I tolled her that I did not had any cash on me to make the copy. After some thinking I could also take a photo and email here. Which I did. I sat down again and waited.

After some time she called me back to the window. She tolled me I did not have to ask for a NIF as I already had a NIE which is the same. I was confused as the form asks for a NIF but she said for individuals NIF and NIE is the same. I asked again if I needed a NIF for my company, which according to her I needed. I pointed to the form where a NIF was compulsory (with an *) but she told me I could leave the field empty.

As I was there and nothing had been done I asked if I could file for the NIF for my company. Which I could. Happy to be on the next step already I tried to fill in the form. It was only in Spanish and was extremely complicated. So a screenshot of just one of the pages:


 I tried to fill in and every time there was an error message with a field which I had to fill in. Annoyingly there was a phone number copy field which emptied after every error. After about 10 minutes filling in every field from the error messages I got an error with some random number. So I went back to the lady. 

In front of me there was an elderly woman which was so nervous she hardly could set here autograph. I told here all will be fine, while being myself quite nervous as the whole process is so unclear.

The lady from behind the window tried to read the error message and told me she did not understand it. And all together did not understand the whole form either. She look on the website if it was not possible to print a pdf version of the form. She could not find it so she went into the back to see if she had a form there. After a while she come back and said she could not find any form.

I asked what to do. She thought for a minute and said: I have the 030 form on which all your information is. Add the kvk information from tibi b.v. to it and I will make it work. As there is no time today anymore I will do it tomorrow.

I was extremely happy with that news thanked here and went home. And indeed two days later I got an email with my NIF. Tibi b.v. was ready to get the Ardbol shares.


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