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Container stress

Because there is no house in Bárcena that has a door, let alone a lock, we cannot leave any belongings behind. Before we could get a house to that point, we first need a place to store tools. To solve this chicken and egg problem, we ordered a container. Naturally, we asked if it could be delivered to Bárcena and at the time when we would be there.

That was confirmed, so we paid the invoice. They said they could come by on Monday or Tuesday. We responded but didn't hear anything more. Since we heard nothing, we asked Luuk to call on Monday morning to find out when it would come. This caused quite a bit of confusion. They had to find the final transporter, and they could come on Tuesday or maybe not. And they didn't actually know if they could even come into the village.

We found out it was a truck of 10 meters long and 2.5 meters wide. At the tightest turn, we checked if it would fit. It seemed narrow, so we removed as much soil as possible to make the turn wider. Furthermore, Carlos had already cleared the area around the detached house (our future office), so the truck could even drive around there.

We sent some videos and photos so they could assess whether it would be feasible. The supplier wasn't sure and asked if he could come on Wednesday, then he could drive himself. But that was the only day we couldn't. After much deliberation, we decided to let the container come. After all, we had already paid for it and could probably find a place to put it in an emergency. And then we could look further.

We then looked at where it would be most convenient to place the container. I had a plot of land in mind that we owned, another option was closer to our first house, but then it would quickly be in the way. Another option was right behind our office. We had placed some stones at our preferred spot so the container could stand straight.

Luuk nervously called us several times, reminding us to pay attention to everything and whether it would work out. Then it turned out they had the wrong address. Google Maps gives the wrong location when you search for Bárcena. So the truck couldn't come on Tuesday because it was an hour extra drive. An hour later, we were called again that it could come because something had been canceled.

While waiting for the truck, we looked at the route for overhanging trees or other obstacles that could be in the way. At 2:15 in the sun, we saw a truck with a red container on the back driving towards us in the distance. Nervously, we stood in the narrow bend.

Just before the bridge in our village, it stopped. Was that bridge strong enough? Of course, we didn't know, so we went to look. Through the bushes, we could see under the bridge. The driver looked and hesitated but eventually asked how to proceed. So we walked along the narrow bend, and he wasn't surprised by that. Then right past the office and to our ideal spot. He hesitated about the road to the right because it was quite uneven and found the road to the left better. However, he wanted us to cut some blackberries, which we did.

Eventually, he silently got behind the wheel and smoothly drove the truck over the bridge. Fairly easily past the narrow bend, so that all looked good.
Then another 50 meters left just past the office. And there the truck started slipping.

He backed up and tried again, the wheels slipping again on the right side. And the left side wasn't powerful enough to get the weight over the hill. It didn't seem that high, but it was just too much for the truck. Trying again and failing. He got out and looked hesitantly at how to solve this. In my opinion, he needed to go more to the left to avoid the slippery part on the right, but the driver didn't want to because he was afraid of getting stuck and never being able to leave.

He said he would try once more, but it was taking too much time, and he had to move on. I quickly cleaned the wheels from dirt to create as much grip as possible. With a heart rate of 140, Maaike and I watched the truck. We would prefer to pull the truck up the hill ourselves, but we could only watch and hope.

With a bit of gas and steering somewhat to the left, the truck crawled up the slope. Yes, it was up!!

With all the preparations, we hadn't thought this would be a problem.
Now only 25 meters to go. The driver got out of the truck to see how he was going to tackle the last bump. There were reasonable tracks, and he was afraid the bottom of the truck would get stuck. Also, tipping over was an option as the tracks where uneven. 

I would lie on the ground to see if the truck would touch the ground, and he got back behind the wheel. After a few meters, the truck slipped again, and the driver's patience was gone.

Fortunately, he was now exactly next to our second option, behind the office. visibly relieved, the driver unloaded his cargo. With remarkably thin chains, the container was placed in position. Some discussion about how exactly to position it. We even got a bit of time to put stones under the left side to make it level. 

Then he quickly went home, but of course not before we thanked him enormously and gave him an Ardbol brochure. One more quest done, on to the next one.






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